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Registered: Apr 4, 2011
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Re: Is 5000 really the magic number
Have to agree with you Scribblr. At a writing conference, the agents and editors mentioned an indie ...
Re: Sales way down for month
Ask the Community » Reports, Dec 27, 2013
Thank you, Robert. That makes us feel much better. Starting to see some sales!
Re: My KDP Countdown Experience
Last update. 1st book is now down to 18,000 in ranking with only 1 more being sold. I can only guess...
Re: My KDP Countdown Experience
Countdown update. As of right now 1st book is at 26,472 ranking and we have only sold 5 books. 2nd b...
Re: My KDP Countdown Experience
Ok, so countdown is running today only on two of our books. The first book was ranked at 38,000 last...


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