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Registered: Nov 13, 2011
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Re: Neverending Editing of my book will NOT end...plz help!
Gabriel, I wasted a lot of time trying to post a lengthy, helpful reply to your other thread about e...
lameek perry follows Josh. . .
. . . with another spam act raising old threads. Not just here, but on all the other language forums...
Re: Stupidly happy as new cover designs arrived!!!!
Okay, it's you that needs to be happy. :) To this beholder's eye, the drawings are superb, and the ...
Re: Stupidly happy as new cover designs arrived!!!!
I'm not talking about the type/font. I mean the thin straight lines that look like graphic guideline...
Re: Stupidly happy as new cover designs arrived!!!!
Michael, are those lines mean't to be there in the title text?


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