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Registered: Dec 6, 2011
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Re: How many words per day do you write?
I try for a daily 2,000- 2,500. This sometimes drops off depending on work, freelancing, research, o...
Re: No UK sales this month?
Thank you to everyone who replied - one sale turned up yesterday. Now it just needs to bring some f...
No UK sales this month?
Is it just me? No UK sales in 10 days..
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Never mind. They don't seem as prolific as many of the others. Edited by: gwythyr on Feb 24, 2014 1...
Re: Olympics Hurting Book Sales?
I have zero US sales this month but this is probably due to a seasonal downturn - best not to read t...


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Public domain query - are articles based on old newspaper reports also PD?
This is the first time I need to ask about public domain - all previous books have been my own novel...
can anyone improve my blurb
Ask the Community » Bookshelf, Jul 30, 2013
question deleted Edited by: gwythyr on Jul 30, 2013 1:50 AM
Do you ever look back at your early writing and know you have improved?
I sorted through my 'where manuscripts go to die' box today - short stories that I sent out, but fai...
Fantasy authors - do you draw on reenactment experience in your writing?
Time to take a break from my current WIP. I have experience with using ancient weaponry (swords, sh...
Where is the strangest place you have seen someone reading a kindle?
I was at the gym this morning and watched a woman amble along on the treadmill for about twenty minu...