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Announcement: Announcement: Add X-Ray content to your books!

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Announcement: Announcement: Add X-Ray content to your books!
Posted By: kdpadmin
Created in: System: Global Announcement
Posted: Oct 5, 2017 7:09 AM



Did you know that with X-Ray for Authors, a free Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) tool, you can add your own definitions, descriptions, or commentary that will show up when the reader engages the X-Ray feature?


X-Ray is a unique Kindle eBook feature that allows readers to learn more about a character, topic, event, place, or any other term, simply by pressing and holding on the term or character that interests them. With X-Ray for Authors, you can now add new X-Ray entries, edit existing ones, or enable X-Ray for a new book. Even a few descriptive words can make a big difference to the reader as they try and situate characters or learn more about terms or events.


Here are a couple examples:

  • Character: “Ahab” – possible X-Ray content: “The Captain of the ship hunting Moby Dick.”
  • Term: “Social media marketing” – possible X-Ray content: “Use of social media and websites to promote a product or service.”


To use X-Ray:

  • Go to your bookshelf and select “Add X-Ray” under Kindle eBook Actions.
    Some books already have X-Ray. If yours does, select “Launch X-Ray” and you will be taken directly to the X-Ray for Authors tool. If not, we’ll turn on X-Ray for your book and then, to make things easier, automatically create X-Ray entries from Wikipedia content and excerpts from your book. This process takes about 4 hours, and you’ll get an email once it’s done.
  • Once you get the confirmation email and come back to your bookshelf, select “Launch X-Ray.”
    In the X-Ray for Authors tool, you can review the content, make edits, add your own, and publish.

For a more detailed walkthrough of the setup, visit Help:


Best Regards,

The Kindle Direct Publishing Team