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Announcement: Update to KDP Tax Interview

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Announcement: Update to KDP Tax Interview
Posted By: kdpadmin
Created in: System: Global Announcement
Posted: Dec 8, 2014 12:01 PM

We've recently improved the online KDP tax interview so that the choices you make during the interview automatically adjust the form to show you only the applicable fields you need to complete.

If you have not yet provided your tax information, please complete the tax interview using the new version.

Follow the steps below to access the tax interview and update any necessary information:

1. Sign into your KDP Account:
2. Click on "(Your Name)'s Account" on the top right corner of page
3. Scroll to the "Tax Information" section
4. Click on the button to "Update Tax Information”

Once you have completed the tax interview, you can follow the status of your submission on your KDP Account page by checking the “Tax Information” section.

To learn more about Amazon tax requirements and policies, visit:

Best regards,

The Kindle Direct Publishing Team