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Thread: Finding the right book to read???

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Finding the right book to read???
Posted: Dec 14, 2011 5:12 PM
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OK here it is: I publish a book for Kindle it goes live I look for under Action/ adventure. There’s 94,668 books (Last count) that my book is buried under so I go to Publication Date now I find it buried under books (How many??) that haven’t been written and may never be written. (Available for pre-order) Comes out Oct.1 2012 I’m not looking for a book that hasn’t been written I want to read one now. So I want to find out what the book is all about so I punch the see details, I get a page the tells me HOW famous the author is. Like I give a damn. There’s no way I can go from book one to book 100 or book 200 just 10 at a time, take a week to look at 98,668 books that way so I want a book that’s just been published. So I put the name of my book in there and right above it is a book so I look, “It’s someone having a ***Dream and writing it down, PORN that’s what it is. Now the book below it if you took all the foul language out of it you’d have about a one page book out of 300 on a Kindle. PG-13 These books sell but they should be put in there own place. Labeled like ‘Yet to written so buy it now I might die tomorrow’ ‘PORN by lily been hahh.’ ‘PG-13 learn how to talk foul.’
I went to the Kindle forum and found that they are about as confused about finding a book they are looking for as I am. Don’t the Kindle people know that a person may search thru the book’s just browsing and go thru the first 100 books before they buy one and when they come back they would like to start at book 200 or 300 and search, but no, 10 at a time.
Sorry about this folks but I just had to say it.

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Re: Finding the right book to read???
Posted: Dec 15, 2011 1:28 PM   in response to: 76year2 in response to: 76year2
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I agree, this does need addressing. I scratched at this point in my "Sort by: Not enough options" thread.

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Re: Finding the right book to read???
Posted: Dec 16, 2011 1:31 AM   in response to: mick378 in response to: mick378
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I agree. I want an option to see what new books are avilable in a given category. Having to plow through an endless wave of future releases is a serious hurdle there.
Both as a reader and an author.
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