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Michelle Serniuk
Registered: May 13, 2017
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Re: Sales dropped then stopped
Ask the Community » Reports, Feb 16, 2018
Same here. I stopped looking at my account mid-January because I started seeing a slowdown. I decide...
Re: My book sales have dropped suddenly!
Ask the Community » Bookshelf, Dec 20, 2017
Hi Brian, I don't write in your genre but I find the more I write the more sales I receive. I have...
Re: KDP reports are experiencing issues
Hello acornwriter, Good to hear. It's possible that there is some correlation but either way, I hav...
Re: KDP reports are experiencing issues
Hi Julie, I too searched my book and found it on a site that offered a free download. There were th...
Re: Pirate or affiliate?
Hi Peter, I googled my pen name and found a website that allowed my books to be read for free along...