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Registered: Dec 23, 2011
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Occupation Best Selling Author,Photographer,Artist,Music Producer
Biography I'm a Best Selling Author. I like reading, and writing. I compose music and produce it as well. --------------------- Follow me on Facebook:

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Re: Why do some books sell and others do not?
Hello. In my experience sales have always been unpredictable. I'm fine with that, because I never e...
Re: I know I shouldn't let negative reviews get to me, but ....
Hello. I had my moments when I was hurt at first. Then I just kept on writing. I was cursed at and ...
Re: Would this be success for you?
Hello. I feel successful. I feel that when I began to write and self publish my work I felt really g...
Re: Disgusted With Lower and Lower Sales
I hope someday that the zon figures out a 'crap' classification - LOL, and moves a lot to that, mak...
Re: Disgusted With Lower and Lower Sales
Hello. I am going to write about my dream here. When I began to write I thought about how great it ...


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