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Ion Saliu
Registered: May 31, 2016
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Re: What is your book all about?
WOW! The Googles like this book! Google indexed this thread on the Voochewlgunn keyword in less than...
Re: What is your book all about?
How about working ideas? Title: “Reversed Counting” Synopsys Voochewlgunn is drafted for the war. H...
Re: Who is your favorite author?
I know, the wise Romans said “De gustibus non disputandum”. But — Stephen King??? My favorite by a ...
Re: Any "Long-Time" Indies Here? Bloggers: Have they changed to Agents?
Human advancement tends to this good-to-have-problem: The authors outnumber the readers. And we all ...
Re: How to be HORRIBLY MEAN to a rival writer
Interesting thingy ‘bout Austreyelia. The land of true Ned Kelly was founded by all manners of convi...


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