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Matt Knott
Registered: Aug 20, 2015
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Re: First Book, First Push - Love your feedback
Thanks a lot for the heads up on that, greatly appreciated you letting me know about it and it did s...
Re: First Book, First Push - Love your feedback
Warn you about LGBT content? There's nothing explicit in this book, there's a relationship. One base...
Re: Family Review - Removal?
It's more that I'm aware of how sketchy things can look. I'm really up for feedback, but I want it t...
Re: Family Review - Removal?
Figured as much, I've dropped him a message asking if he could pull it off. Thanks a lot. I haven'...
Family Review - Removal?
Hey guys, My father actually left a review for my book last week. He was genuinely enthusiastic but...


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First Book, First Push - Love your feedback
Hey guys, After a year of toil and a couple of months worth of editing I decided that perfect was t...