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Re: Ignore *Spam. Let Customer Service deal with it.
My town is full of garbage. No worries. I like living in a sh*thole. Let the government deal wit...
Re: What is up with the spam?
When you see it, click it, then click the yellow triangle and report it. That will help get rid of i...
Re: why don't writers write about common folkstories of [Indian]Gods on amazon?
Why don't those millions of Indian people do it, eh?
Re: Preview is 1/2 the book how can I change it to only the first 1 or 2 page
But why would you want to? Seriously, think about it. What's better than letting people read half th...
Re: Sensoring Adult Erotic Books Is The Next Nest Thing To Book Burnings
Nobody is "Sensoring" (I presume you mean censoring) anything. Censorship is something governments d...