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For a print book, KDP will create the bar code from your isbn. For an ebook, no, if only because, wh...
Re: Long sentences, short sentences
The record is usually claimed to be either James Joyce in Ulysses at 4,391 words, or Jonathan Coe in...
Re: Royalties drop from $107-$90 over night
Ask the Community » Reports, Dec 25, 2016
And the graph isn't remotely accurate anyway. According to the graph, I've had no sales whatsoever i...
Re: Finding Royalty Free Images Is Always A Pain
Bill the photographer may, or may not, get to say what's done with his photos. If the publisher comm...
Re: Is using your first two initials in your author's name an outdated trope?
Sometimes, it just means a person doesn't particularly like their given name. If the author is an ac...