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Alex Ryan
Registered: Jun 7, 2016
Total Posts: 861
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Re: Specific Erotica Content Prohibited
I find it amusing that the Zon is so restrictive on porn in this day and age of anything goes. You c...
Re: My sales have exploded!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!
Define exploded. Last week was one of the better weeks this year, but this week has been slow. Page...
Re: How do we see if we reach number one in sales
Actually, I think for the OP's purpose, he needs to sell a LOT of copies.
Re: Anyone seeing NO SALES today?
Ask the Community » Reports, Mar 25, 2017
These days, sales are unusual.
Re: unwanted hyperlinked text in my eManuscript?
Ask the Community » Formatting, Mar 24, 2017
All that conversion between .doc and .rtf is going to be problematic. My suggestion? Do a select-all...


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