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Kara Haskins
Registered: Nov 13, 2012
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Re: Does the sales report update today?
Hey, wait a minute...I almost always have a sale or two in the UK on the 1st, and the odd months I d...
Re: Does the sales report update today?
I have always preferred BWoS Day, as in Brown Wall of...fill in the blank. Shame? Sadness? Something...
Re: un- believable
I used to do back-to-front, and while it works wonders, what a pain. I now prefer to use the downloa...
Re: Two Authors- Compensation?
Amazon does not deal with such things. The two authors will need to divvy it up privately.
Re: Does gifting your eBook count in sales?
Yes, IF the customer actually uses the 'gift' to purchase your book. You see, when you 'gift' an ebo...


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Recently published on KDP, sold a handful in the UK and a bunch in the US. I am over the $10 minimum...