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Ralph E Vaughan
Registered: Nov 30, 2012
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Re: Worth reading
Gladstone's evidence to Queen Victoria was specious, at best. Yours falls into the same trap. Agre...
Re: Are kindle countdown times based on Pacific time?
It's only 0445 in Seattle. Shhhh. They're still sleeping. Promotions always begin at 0800 Seattle ☔ ...
Re: unwanted headers
Ask the Community » Formatting, Jan 18, 2018
No, unfortunately, KDP will not correct any formatting errors during conversion and neither does Kin...
Re: How to advertise my book without any cost and reach a lot of readers online
Edited by: Saurav on Jan 17, 2018 9:12 AM There's nothing arcane about reaching people online. Any...
Re: At what point do Kindle sales appear in sales reports?
Ask the Community » Reports, Jan 18, 2018
Ranks are updated hourly. Changes occur as sales and borrows are processed, also when the rankings o...


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