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Registered: Sep 26, 2016
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Location Plymouth, UK
Occupation Retired engineer

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Re: Goa : A Lesson in Life by Adam Harkus - promotion advise
Do you still need to mention the owner of the pic if it's "commercial use allowed"? It'll be in th...
Re: Goa : A Lesson in Life by Adam Harkus - promotion advise
Good luck with the book but you don't need a photo you took yourself. You can probably get somethin...
Re: Paperbook keeps being decline DPI
How are you uploading the book? If you are using a PDF created by Word you won't be able to produce ...
Re: $2.99 or $2.40?
There are two ways of setting the price in other markets after you have set it in your prime market....
Re: Options for reading my eBook
Publisher Support » Feedback, Jan 20, 2017
You can distribute your book yourself if you want but not if you enroll in Kindle Select, which dem...


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