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Registered: Sep 26, 2016
Total Posts: 730
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Location Plymouth, UK
Occupation Retired engineer

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You have to edit your original file then upload it again. This will overwrite the one you uploaded e...
Re: Advice Needed
Having just had a look to see if I can afford a Lego #31313 for Christmas (I can't :) ) I noticed o...
Re: Advice Needed
Try and reach readers by targeting things they might be reading. For example, are there any magazin...
Re: Uploading new version of paperback
I'm having lots of problems uploading the edited version of my paperback. When I try to do it, it l...
Re: I can find my books on the search engine of amazon and kindle store
Publisher Support » Feedback, Nov 15, 2017
If you have just uploaded the book you should wait a few days for it to appear in search results I t...


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