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Registered: May 6, 2009
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Re: No Subject
Thank you, Cynthia; you nailed it. The two books mixed in with mine are by different authors and ar...
Re: No Subject
Sorry, Lucy. I replied to the wrong post before. No, this is not at all what I meant. I mean that...
Re: No Subject
I don't at all understand what you are saying.
Re: No Subject
Sorry, replied to wrong post. Edited by: hostaholic on Jan 13, 2017 8:18 AM
Re: New to KDP - Paperback Issue
I agree. Go with CreateSpace. I'm not a computer expert by any stretch of the imagination and I hav...


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I write murder mysteries with some success. I am increasingly mystified by ads/information that app...
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Has anyone else found a 'Sponsored ' book inserted among your books on your Kindle Store page? It's...
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Just when I thought this feature had been discontinued, suddenly I get a New Release email for my ow...
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