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Registered: May 6, 2009
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Re: How do I formate a graphic novel?
In a less nice way than crazywriterlady put it, get your a** in gear like a lot of other people have...
Re: Erle Stanley Gardner's book
uncle, was the book one of Gardner's novels or was it a book on writing?
Re: You don't deserve your KU earning's boost as much as you think you do
And I am particularly concerned that I have all kinds of books on my page for "also looked at" and "...
Sporadic returns may occur but when one can go down the line and see numbers 1-9 in a series purchas...
Re: How can i check who is purchasing my book
Ask the Community » Reports, Apr 8, 2015
I'm probably answering something you already know but the closest you can get to "who" is purchasing...


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