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Registered: Sep 30, 2016
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Re: Can anyone offer some tips for dealing with writers block?
Study books that are selling on Amazon. I got my latest idea by doing that and have a killer idea fo...
Re: Why was a book of mine taken off sale?
Do you mean Kindle Unlimited? That has to be renewed every three months unless I've lost my marbles.
Re: My experience with KDP
Publisher Support » Feedback, Nov 21, 2017
I'm on my second book too, it took forever to get the idea.This one could be legendary.
Re: Unsure what to do with a review.
Congratulations on having a nice book that sells. You seem to have formatting issues with the look ...
Re: Advertising and promotions on
Try a Vendor Express account if you live in the UK.


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It seems almost everyone here frowns on free downloads, and I see that point. But isn't it also a w...