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Registered: May 27, 2009
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Location Dallas, Texas
Occupation Writer

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Re: amazon buy button
Dragica Lord Look at the bottom of almost any page, and you will see a selection that reads someth...
Re: Timed Test: MS Word to KDP, 105,104 words, 1 minute, 21 seconds.
Ask the Community » Formatting, Feb 5, 2015
Did you read the reviews? A whole bunch of 5 star reviews. Most, of course, are about the book (fo...
Re: Preview with pixilated text?
Ask the Community » Formatting, Jan 21, 2015
One questions....could it have to do with the font chosen? She requested it be Georgia (I think i...
Re: Kindle Title Format Change
DC DC, First... when you pasted the text into "a blank new doc", you probably pasted all the old ...
Re: Ghost Writing question
The only professional writing I ave ever done is for myself. I was just offered a position (nothing...


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