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Registered: Nov 19, 2016
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Re: Feedback on a book blurb
It's too much, it sounds like a prologue. A blurb is supposed to arouse curiosity (my opinion) try...
Re: Free books
Monique, they are beginners with 'stars (money) in their eyes. I've been writing for fun for over ...
Re: Emotions
You may laugh if you wish. I wrote several tales concerning the Holocaust and cried during the rewri...
Re: My new book is on Amazon
Am I right in assuming you wish to make a living out of writing, or get rich quick. Forget it. You w...
Re: Got accepted for Bookbub
Congratulations; I wish you all the best.


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The pages read scam
Publisher Support » Feedback, Jan 11, 2018
This is my reply to Jeff Bezos’ greediness. I wrote to amazon asking how I can delete my 82 ebooks ...
Falling bok sales on amazon everywhere.
My ebook sales on today are few and fare between and I always wondered why. I knew from e...
Punctuation- is it always necessary.
Do you always end a question or a series of questions with a question mark. As you can see, I do no...
Long sentences, short sentences
I do not believe I am all that good at writing fiction, and being on amazon is even worse for my lit...
For love or money.
This has been asked possibly a dozen times: Do you love to write, or are you in it for the money. Wh...