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Doctor Brian Eyden
Registered: Jan 20, 2017
Total Posts: 17
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problem with margins for a paper-version book with CreateSpace
Ask the Community » Formatting, Aug 13, 2017
I’m preparing a Word file for a paper-version book for CreateSpace, using a 6 x 9 inch page size (be...
Re: From Creative Space to Amazon
Thank you for this, NJ - you are always useful! I chose 6 x 9 on the advice in your book! :-) but al...
Re: From Creative Space to Amazon
Thankyou, Joseph. I am inching forward!
Re: From Creative Space to Amazon
Thank you NJ. You've put me in the right direction! But I have another question: I need advice on ...
Re: From Creative Space to Amazon
Hello Jonas I see that you have just published a paper version of your book via CreateSpace and are...


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