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Sephera Giron
Registered: Jan 10, 2013
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Re: Are 'cannibalistic' characters allowed in books?
I have some cannibal action in some of my books, after all I'm a horror writer!
Re: Publishing Science Fiction/ Social books??
I would be very careful about references to the Star Wars universe especially now that Disney is inv...
Re: Deleted 5 star review. Gutted.
Sometimes I really yearn for "like" or "LOL" buttons on this forum! "Over there, those folks will s...
Re: Someone using same title as my book in same genre - should I worry?
Don't worry about it. If readers are following you as an author they will find it. If it's been out ...
Re: Can Someone Just Buy My Ebook
You badly need an editor for your description and your book. You may wish to read The Chicago Manual...