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Fred Aldrich
Registered: Jan 10, 2013
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Re: Goodreads ratings vs. Amazon
Frankly, both as an author and as a reader, I would prefer to know who actually read the book. Did ...
Re: Barnes and Noble LOSSES
I'm saddened to see the shuttered stores on the main street near where I live, several of which were...
Re: Strikes me as Counterproductive
Boy, I never meant to start a political discussion.
Strikes me as Counterproductive
Recently I've been seeing headers at the top of the review section stating what readers looking for ...
Re: Irrelevant Reviews -- ever get one?
I suspect that with the majority of reads, it would reflect more or less accurately the number of pa...


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I have lately been seeing royalties lower than the usual amount. For example, my books (excluding h...
What is objectionable?
I see instances of works/authors being banned for "objectionable" content. What exactly is objectio...
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Ask the Community » Bookshelf, Nov 3, 2015
Just started receiving a request to update Adobe Flash Player when I click on the cover image of one...