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Charles Domard
Registered: Mar 13, 2017
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Re: Shallow Thought of the month
I love everyone in this forum. You just give one shallow thought of the month, and everyone goes hay...
Shallow Thought of the month
This is my shallow thought of the month. If you take 2 long nature walks twice a day for 8 months, p...
Re: The two things I wanted to prove.
Thanks Janni. You seem like a really nice person. I will be setting up a web-cast very soon. I hope ...
Re: The quote of the month
I spelled it the good old Hawaiian way. It still has the same meaning.
Re: Why can't I am give suggestions[only to Indians] to write well?
Ward!!! Why do you call everyone's work a pile of rubbish? What is the name of your book? Put it out...


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I'm Charles Domard the author of The Baytown Crew. My book just got published yesterday, but I have ...
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My name is Charles Domard. I'm new to the author community. I just got my book covered yesterday thr...