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Registered: Dec 28, 2007
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Re: Formatting lists
Ask the Community » Formatting, Mar 18, 2015
The hanging indents made the lists a little better, but some of the numbers are still indented more ...
Re: Kindle Select - Are policies changing?
I guess no answer is the answer...
Formatting lists
Ask the Community » Formatting, Mar 10, 2015
I have several books on Kindle that I have written in MS word. But my latest one includes many lists...
Re: Supplier Code/Vendor code
I am also looking for my "publisher code." Can anyone tell me where to find it?
Royalty reports on iPad
Ask the Community » Reports, Jan 27, 2014
Is there any way to download the monthly royalty report to an iPad? It says "Microsoft .xls" so I as...


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