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Daisy Rowley
Registered: May 18, 2017
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Location 17a Warner Rd, Saline, Michigan
Occupation Keeping a child entertained and engaged is a full-time job of its own, whether it is at home, at daycare, or with a sitter. While options may vary depending on the child’s age, the fundamentals of a happy kid are constant. At The Learning Tree, we’d like to offer you some tactics to try at home to keep your child happy! Have a Safe Space Creating a safe environment allows for children to feel comfortable. Make sure there is nothing that would cause a child or a caretaker worry, as a child can pick up on an older figure’s stress. Create a safe space so a child feels comfortable enough to want to learn and have a good time. This is the first fundamental step of how to keep a kid happy. Variety of Activities A child thrives in an environment that includes a wealth of different activities. Provide different activities that are fun and educational. Especially at a young age, your child needs activities that also develop her gross and fine motor skills. At The Learning Tree, we use building block materials so children can develop fine motor skills and math skills by playing architect! It is both helpful and engaging to offer children both art and science-related activities to stimulate different subjects of learning. Art and science activities keep them learning and help them grow. Another activity to keep kids happy is reading. Reading with children helps them develop their language skills and enrich their imaginations. If you child is already reading, try trading off and having the child read one paragraph and you read the next!