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Mark Collins
Registered: May 27, 2017
Total Posts: 19

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Re: Shot off my foot?
Hi Hitch, Ye it occured to me that maybe I wasn't selling because of the opening. On reflection whe...
Re: Shot off my foot?
To T M Small Hi, thanks for your input. I have removed RC now, but I was on 70%, I think the margin...
Re: Shot off my foot?
Hi Hitch, By defending my style, I misunderstood what you wrote, not your fault but mine. I am not ...
Re: What Are Valid But Often Overlooked Marketing Strategies for Indie Authors?
Hi Not a marketing specialist, but I think not.
Re: Shot off my foot?
Hi HItch Thanks for your frank advice, I'll take all of that onboard. The marketing I think is prob...