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susamma verghese
Registered: Jun 28, 2017
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Re: print replica
Ask the Community » Reports, Nov 10, 2017
Dear salamander, notjohn, Donna, booknookbiz, and gg, Thank you all for taking time out for answeri...
Re: print replica
Ask the Community » Reports, Nov 8, 2017
Dear Salamandar Mall and NotJohn, My book has many figures, tables and photos so I uploaded a kpf f...
print replica
Ask the Community » Reports, Nov 6, 2017
I am told that print replica is a good thing. Is it fixed or can you change it?
Re: my book is not selling
Ask the Community » Reports, Nov 6, 2017
Dear Julia, Salamandar, Donna and Booknookbiz, thanks to all of you for sparing your precious time ...
Re: Ingram Spark print, KDP ebook?
what is a print replica and why does it matter?


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