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Jefferey Gollob
Registered: Jun 30, 2017
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Location Brecksvi
Biography Kelsus IT is an online retailer specializing in providing a wide variety of IT equipment and accessories. All our product ranges are held in stock, which means that we can supply products in a timely manner from our warehouses based in Croydon, London. We are proud to present our products to customers, schools and businesses worldwide, supplying home users and businesses alike.. Our refurbished IT equipment not only provides access to Enterprise level computer hardware at affordable prices, but helps reduce harm to our environment at the same time. Purchasing industry standard refurbished and re-manufactured hardware is one of the most environmentally responsible investments available, reducing pollution, conserving raw materials and saving energy. OUR COMMITMENTS ARE To offer customers a variety of IT equipment and accessories that are high quality and reliable at a competitive price To provide the finest customer service in the business by offering the best advice and technical support, both before and after sales. OUR CUSTOMER Customer service is important to us. The aim of our Customer Care Policy is to understand what our customers need, to provide advice and accurate technical support. We prioritize customer satisfaction as the key to our company's success and deal with inquiries as quickly and efficiently as possible. WE WILL continue to source better quality and reliable products at a competitive price continue developing and improving our customer service ensure all our products comply with legislation and safety requirements