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Bronwen Webb
Registered: Feb 23, 2013
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Australian banks don't have a BIC code so issue changing to direct EFT
Ask the Community » My Account, Jun 7, 2017
Hi to Aussie authors. I have been trying to change my payment method from cheque to direct payment. ...
Interesting site for reports about Amazon sales and earnings/genre
Ask the Community » Reports, Aug 4, 2014
Hi all, came across this site which has some interesting reports:
Indie Children's authors - new list on Goodreads
I've started a new list on Goodreads - Indie Children's books from 2010;
Re: children's books
Hi Al, I'm a children's book author. Only one book so far. We are in a very competitive genre. My s...
Re: Accusations of Book being full of Lies of Abuse on Review
Definitely don't respond. That way you take the dignified path, leaving her exposed on the other path.


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