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Cynthia E. Hurst
Registered: Feb 25, 2013
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Re: Thoughts written in Italics
Same here. Italics are also useful for setting off the contents of e-mails or anything written that ...
Re: Rom Com Cover
As a woman, I can say that no matter what you put on the cover, if it has to do with boxing, I won'...
Re: Grammar Question
Part spy, part soldier, part political window dressing, she has to adapt to everything from clandes...
Re: How's my book page?
Publisher Support » Feedback, Jun 20, 2017 This post makes very little sense and you should not hijack other threads to pr...
Re: New Amazon brick and mortar store
Given the Mercer Mess (you know it's bad when a traffic problem spawns its own name), I'm surprised ...


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