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Cynthia E. Hurst
Registered: Feb 25, 2013
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Re: What are the simplest ways to push sales and generate reviews?
I know nothing in marketing and i need an advice :( Judging by this short post, an English cours...
Re: Pulling Title from Smashwords to Put on KDP
Yes, that's what Ralph said. Unless you enroll in Select ...
Re: A small followup to criticism from this forum
I am delighted to hear that you followed advice from the forum and that your book is doing well as a...
Re: Complimentary Copies
Why not buy it? You'll get the royalty and a ranking.
Re: Pseudonym varieties
Ask the Community » Bookshelf, Dec 14, 2017
It appears from your other posts that your account was blocked. Using another author name won't help...


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