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John Aitken
Registered: Mar 13, 2013
Total Posts: 114
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Re: Hello fellow authors - question about covers
Selfpubbookcovers are great Good luck, J.A.
Re: Hello fellow authors - question about covers
There is too much carry on about ebook covers. I have a series under a pen name. Half the titles hav...
Re: KDP Author Central Bio- What point of view do I write?
It is more professional to write your biog in the third person. Good luck, J.A
Re: Marketing
Publisher Support » Feedback, Jan 19, 2017
Recently I've had a lot of success with Amazon AMS advertising. .Before I started using the service ...
Re: Kindle don't know to sell books
Publisher Support » Feedback, Jan 17, 2017
And you don't know how to write English.


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