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Paul Murchison
Registered: Sep 25, 2017
Total Posts: 41
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A Publisher I ain't!
Publisher Support » Feedback, Dec 5, 2017
On September25th of this year I rushed impulsively to upload my 20,000 word book the Drinking Game ...
Re: No money yet.
AS the writer I think I should know how many words my book contains. As to whether all of this was u...
Re: No money yet.
Thanks----I appreciate your encouragement~~~~~~~~~~~Cheers Paul.
Re: No money yet.
No intentions to offend, when I know you are trying (very) to help me but that is a possibility you ...
Re: No money yet.
Publishing guru Hitch gets upset if I respond to snippy remarks and insults in kind. I am turning th...


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No money yet.
Hi folk. My e book came available on Septmber 25th and from what I can gather not one sale has been ...
First thanks to all those who answered my previous question. Currently I have uploaded my hard copy...
Confused Again
Hi Everyone. Currently working on paper back edition and have marginally changed title and comments ...
Human Interaction.
I have spent some time asking questions and received some excellent advice, even the more terse stuf...