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dedi candra
Registered: Oct 1, 2017
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Re: Self-publishing is dead
much less crowded compared to blogging business, i waste my life (10 years of blogging ) without mak...
Re: Three questions before I take the plunge!
I am a beginner , october 2017 is my debut , my mistake : 1. give my ebook free (only temporary) , ...
Re: more than one pen names for different genre
thanks notjohn , you are very experienced and succesful novel writer ( I stalk your post), i person...
Re: Createspace alternative?
Nano17 okay, but imgramspark require us to have our own isbn ? how much money to pay for an isbn ?
Re: more than one pen names for different genre
my book contain diabetes, heart attack (health genre) vs (personal development ) how unlock your t...


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