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Steve Smith
Registered: Mar 20, 2013
Total Posts: 373
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Location Chapel Hill, NC, USA
Biography "Of making many books there is no end." ~ Ecclesiastes 12:12

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Re: A good idea for a book?
It's not the plot, but the execution that matters.
Re: So many books out there?
Of course, we're not competing with the millions of other Kindle books that exist.We're competing wi...
Re: Return of the ONE PAGE read?
Back on topic: I've assumed we get credited with a page-read if someone simply downloads our book, e...
Re: Disgusted With Lower and Lower Sales
I'll bet a book titled "How to Write A Book Solely for Profit" would make a mint.
Re: Book not showing as KU-available. Is this something you should check, too?
I hadn't thought of doing that. That might be easier than always contacting Support when it happens....


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