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Salamander Mallory
Registered: Oct 15, 2017
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Re: Can updates be pushed to previous versions
You should read KDP's policy yourself for specifics, but, basically, if your book was originally a d...
Nothing. You cannot set it. KDP will. And, no, I'm not going to look at your book as I am a little w...
Re: How do you promote your ebook?
Ask the Community » Formatting, Nov 21, 2017
Search "marketing" on the main forum page. Thousands of threads have been posted with ideas, suggest...
Re: Newsletter or Mini Magazine
Ask the Community » Formatting, Nov 21, 2017
I was actually doing this on my own website as a pdf, thought that it might be practical to boost i...
Re: Are there any authors who write about money/personal finances?
Your reviews also look like they come from friends and people who know you, which Amazon will take ...