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Registered: Oct 19, 2017
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Re: Payment Set Up
I had that exact same message pop up when I recently changed my bank account info (also from the UK,...
Re: my book is not selling
Ask the Community » Reports, Oct 31, 2017
Susamma, I have been stalked, and followed (by different people), and repeatedly sexually harassed w...
Re: The Trials of Aidan Sands
What Diana said. I read somewhere that blurbs should be written in present tense to be most effecti...
Re: Need assistance
The third item on your list of things that prospective readers could be offended by is "cats." Now, ...
Re: How's my book page?
Publisher Support » Feedback, Oct 26, 2017
Why have you entered the title as "No more normies: The first notebook" as opposed to "No More Normi...


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