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Registered: Dec 10, 2009
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Occupation author, musician, music historian
Biography Professional trumpeter, music historian and crime novelist

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Re: How to handle a Review that is incorrect (wrong info or didn't read book)?
I can understand your distress, Rod. I just complained to Amazon via KDP about a 1-star "review" of...
Re: Kindle Unlimited pages flatlined
Ask the Community » Reports, Apr 29, 2017
Yes, mine also. No pages read for 9 days. I have 6 novels in KU. This has never happened before.
Re: Has anyone else removed books from KDP Select?
Kailin, Please do not misunderstand. I am not feeling "abused" by the program. I am a big fan of ...
Re: Has anyone else removed books from KDP Select?
I believe that Amazon's goal is to make money. Period. They have no set page-read price in mind. The...
Re: Has anyone else removed books from KDP Select?
My experience, doing a freebee with one book in a series results in much higher sales and consequent...


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