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Registered: Jan 1, 2010
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Re: How to put full page image in kindle
Ask the Community » Formatting, May 4, 2016
In a regular Kindle book, the only image that can be full-screen is the cover. All other images will...
Re: How to left justify text
Ask the Community » Formatting, May 4, 2016
To achieve left justification in Word (without HTML coding) you need to do this: create a paragraph ...
Re: Formatting an ebook properly in Word or in WordPerfect, OpenOffice or HTML
Ask the Community » Formatting, May 4, 2016
Not at all.
Re: Cover Creator won't work - is it because I'm based in China?
Ask the Community » Formatting, Mar 29, 2016
Try the Tor browser or a proxy, these methods bypass country restrictions. I believe what is happeni...
Re: New to KDP: why do my pop-ups NOT appear at all in the ebook file?
Ask the Community » Formatting, Mar 28, 2016
Which software did you use to add pop-ups? Kindle Textbook Creator? How did you test your Kindle boo...


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