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Registered: Jan 1, 2010
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Re: differing results with test file on different devices
Ask the Community » Formatting, Oct 27, 2015
The "Online Previewer" has many bugs and you shouldn't use it for any testing because it will only c...
Re: Can't get Go To: Table Of Contents to show more than "Cover". HTML or DOC
Ask the Community » Formatting, Oct 27, 2015
What you are trying to accomplish is called NCX or logical table of contents. When you set up this f...
Re: Formatting Issues with "Look Inside"
Ask the Community » Formatting, Oct 27, 2015
My two cents: You can make the Click to LOOK INSIDE feature behave in Microsoft Word, but you need t...
Re: Children's book cropped
Ask the Community » Formatting, Oct 13, 2015
Hi, see this tutorial.
Re: How to make TOC index appear in the "go to" section.
Ask the Community » Formatting, Oct 12, 2015
But, How can I do it without "tricking" with other files, just configuring with MS Word? I know it c...


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