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Registered: Jan 6, 2010
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Re: Confused About Image Size
Ask the Community » Formatting, May 9, 2013
Amazon's recommendation for some time has been 600x800 pixels wide and tall. I don't think I have ev...
Re: I edited my book and my page number fell 58 pages! I removed a comma!
As others have suggested, the error almost certainly was in the original. JT uses 250/280 words per ...
Re: Would Really Appreciate Some Help RE: Tax Withholding
You get a refund (up to $3600) by filing form 1040-NR the following spring.
Re: How can I upload new version of book AFTER publishing?
Sure, you can do that, and the world will not end. It used to be the Done Thing to publish a Work in...
Re: Does Kindle still support italics?
Ask the Community » Formatting, May 8, 2013
Stick with epub? IMHO epub is the ideal solution compared to which all these other systems are just ...


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