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Emily Veinglory
Registered: Apr 25, 2013
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Re: E-books as gifts
They are not "sold" until the recipient accepts the gift and uses it on your book and not something ...
Re: What is considered "Offensive Content" by KDP?
You probably got flagged for visual nudity or sexual positions or words suggestive of underage, ani...
Re: poor sales
In order to sell you book, you need to convince someone to buy it. Not being able to see the book, ...
Re: Clicking on My Account link takes me to a 404 Not Found page.
Given that your account was not created today it is probably the same symptom but a different issue,...
Re: And why is cancelling a pre-order so bad?
As I recall it is spelled out quite clearly when set up a pre-order. It was firm enough that I deci...