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Registered: May 1, 2013
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My email to Amazon regarding a glitch with epub files
Publisher Support » Feedback, Aug 21, 2013
I've deleted what I wrote here. * Reason: I allowed the stresses of being a SPA overwhelm me, then ...
Re: Have your ebook sales suddenly stopped?
Good for you. So why are you always on here bragging *cough-trolling-cough*? Instead of writing your...
Re: reporting problems?
Ask the Community » Reports, Jul 9, 2013
Same problem here. My average sales have been 8 per day, for about a month. Today? None. Hello Am...
Re: Do bad reviews damage sales?
Publisher Support » Feedback, Jun 18, 2013
Negative reviews often help sales. People are curious if the book's really that bad, so they buy it ...
Re: Ebook preview shows up fine;
Publisher Support » Feedback, May 28, 2013
Thank you so much for all your replies. Actually, what happened seems to be a mistake on Amazon's e...