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Laura A Dodson
Registered: May 13, 2013
Total Posts: 136
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Occupation CPA and I write booklike things
Biography My mom said I had to get a job, so I became a CPA. I've spent my work life writing technical instructions for accounting systems. After a while, it occurred to me to post them as ebooks. ("After a while" means 20 years.)

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Re: I need an Editor and a Proofreaders as soon as possible.
Have you looked at the Preditors and Editors website? would rite moor but doesn't want to have mine...
Re: Is it ethically wrong to use my service-related injuries to promote myself?
If someone was to write an article about you, then they would include that information. I've had a ...
Re: does anyone know if this book is any good?
If you are going to run a business. (ie. writing for the pursuit of money.) Then you have to accep...
Re: Is it legal to repost government documents?
Yah, there were a few reviews that stated people felt taken advantaged of. I was thinking of writin...
Re: Is it legal to repost government documents?
I'm not sure IRS publications are creative works of art. I read a fair amount, since I'm a CPA, and...


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