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Jackie Weger
Registered: May 13, 2013
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Re: Evolution of Bookbub
K.S. Hickling: Well fortunately my corpse won't rot. It's gonna be fun for all of those fools in gr...
Re: Evolution of Bookbub
cdalebrittain: It's not the docs I have to worry about... every time I'm near a hospital, along come...
Re: Evolution of Bookbub
CDaleBrittain: That is a great header Evolution of Bookbub. To keep an idea of sales and downloads,...
Re: What are the simplest ways to push sales and generate reviews?
I'm really loathe to respond to questions about ehow to sell books and generate reviews because: 1...
Re: Worst Selling Genres
Oh, Jonathan B. I'm so happy to said that about writing to take a dig. I lived in jungles for years ...


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