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Ralph Hawkins
Registered: May 29, 2013
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Re: Free book offer- yes or no.
Julia Evans or whomever: How do I offer it for free if I've had it for sale for years? ...In otherw...
Re: re KENP page reads
Thank you Donna, and congratulations on the success at CS you've had. Debra
Re: re KENP page reads
Is it about 1/2 penny per page read? I thought I read that somewhere, if anyone knows. If so, I hav...
Re: Hello! I published my first fiction novel. Now what to do??
Is it about 1/2 penny per page read? If so, I have about 4-5,000 pages so approximately $20.00 comi...
Re: The New Sales Report Screen Is Confusing
How about my .02 check from India (IN) :) (I don't really expect it, but we do seem to get t...


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