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Registered: Jan 23, 2008
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Re: Do I have to promote my book for it to sell????
To answer the original question: Certainly Amazon does not do that for you; whether you have to do i...
Re: Hi, is it a problem if my ebook shows up on Bookmob?
Hmmm. Found my book there, too, but if I click on the title, or if I click on "rent or buy," it jus...
Re: Do you post your works anywhere or do people just find them?
A fair observation, which is why my first advice would be: join email lists or forums that actually ...
Series references; start of book; epub conversion
Publisher Support » Feedback, Apr 2, 2014
A few things: Why does Amazon assume every book in a series is numbered? I have several books I'd ...
Re: Possible email virus warning:
Note that this is not from amazon, but someone trying to make you think they're Amazon. The general...


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