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Registered: Nov 23, 2007
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Re: Business or hobby?
No, it doesn't take five years! It's a business if you say so, but the IRS will deem it a hobby if y...
Re: Backstabbing competitor
My apologies, it was The Active Voice and not Passive. Gosh, and I thought the "The Passive Voice"...
Re: why am i being censored?
Censorship is a red herring. They're not being censored; they're being moderated. We are not at libe...
Re: Zoomable ebook images
One can zoom on any of the Fire tablets, but not on the e-ink Kindles. I don't know about the newer ...
Re: Appears ALL including foreign forums hit too w/ s*pam
But why is this particular forum not affected?


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Publisher Support » Feedback, Mar 7, 2010
Hey, DTP Guy! This is something that ought to be addressed: There is no About the Author feature in...
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I'm about to combine two smaller ebooks into a larger one, so I must now cope with the apparently di...
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