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Registered: Feb 4, 2008
Total Posts: 942
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Location Maryland, USA
Occupation Author
Biography Author of the bestselling IN HER NAME sci-fi/fantasy series and the thriller SEASON OF THE HARVEST.

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Re: Who likes doing this?
Publisher Support » Feedback, Aug 11, 2011
Good onya, publisherdude! And making a living by self-publishing can certainly be done. Tomorrow's t...
Re: Sales Reports?
Yes, the current sales report is definitely "hung". I check the sales stats throughout the day, and ...
Re: Hyperlink from personal website to Kindle Book site?
D'oh! Dan, I make one post on here in I don't know how long, and ya beat me to it! LOL! HAPPY NEW YE...
Re: Hyperlink from personal website to Kindle Book site?
You should just be able to copy the link up to the end of the ASIN, then put it into your page's HTM...
Re: Amazon Sales Rank question
Lindy - As best I know, the sales rank normally won't appear until there's been at least one sale....


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