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Donna St Felix
Registered: Sep 17, 2013
Total Posts: 4,476
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Re: Where to (and how) after Amazon kdp?
Not sure if this is the most appropriate forum to ask this question in, but I'm about to finish 6 m...
Re: Where do you find the payout amount for each page read for borrowed books?
I got an answer on my question about how much you are paid for each page read when a book is borrow...
Re: Trying to reupload same cover pdf used for paperback previously, problems
Ask the Community » Formatting, Jul 25, 2017
Most of us do our paperbacks at CreateSpace (also Amazon) and stay away from the Kindle beta program...
Re: Books Suddenly On Sale?
Yes, you will get your full royalties.
Re: New cover isn't showing
It usually takes a week or longer to change the view on screen.


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