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Donna St Felix
Registered: Sep 17, 2013
Total Posts: 6,382
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Re: Making three chunks of text with different formatting
Ask the Community » Formatting, Feb 19, 2018
I am using Word and I prefer not to go through HTML. Are you planning a paperback or digital book?...
Re: Why hasn’t my manuscript updated?
This was the first time I downloaded it. I was told by someone who got it that it was the older ber...
Re: AMS ad question
All books are different. As long as you are not loosing money you are doing OK.
Re: Amazon ams ads
Hi, thank you everyone for the answers and advices. My question was mostly about the fact that when...
Re: Why hasn’t my manuscript updated?
I set my release for February 14th and when I went to upload the final version of my manuscript bef...


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